FLL Bratislava Regional Tournament 2017

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University in Bratislava hosted the regional round of the FIRST LEGO League competition on Saturday 9 December 2017. 7 teams participated in this tournament. The theme of this year’s competition was Hydrodynamics – water and everything related to it – how to find, transport, use or dispose of it. Hexadron team took the overall second place. We won in the Teamwork category and achieved very good results in all other categories. Unfortunately, since only the first team advances, we did not qualify for the semi-finals. We are looking forward to next season! 

Team members: Timotej Bezák, Stanislav Bezák, Tadeáš Horváth, Michal Komenda, Jakub Macko, Peter Siebert, Emma Záhradníková
Mentors: Ondrej Macko, Dávid Krajčo
Official results: