FLL Semifinal Slovakia-Czech Republic 2019

The Semifinal of the Slovak and Czech Republic of the FIRST LEGO League competition took place on 9 February 2019 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology STU in Bratislava. The semi-finals started with the opening ceremony at 9 o’clock, 18 teams competed on this tournament. The atmosphere of the competition was very competitive across all the teams. Our team Hexadron achieved an excellent success, placing 4th overall out of the eighteen competitors, and thus managed to advance to the Central European Final, which will be held on March 29-30 in Bregenz, Austria.

Team members: Timotej Bezák, Stanislav Bezák, Daniel Brilla, Matúš Rojík, Peter Siebert
Mentors: Anna Mojžišová, Dušan Bezák, Matej Siebert
Official results: