Movetivator connects and motivates people to move – addressing the motivation to play sports.  

The problem

The main problem that discourages millions of people from playing sports every day is the lack of motivation. Thanks to expert mentoring from ABB, we have identified that the key to motivation can be meeting sport performance needs. For example, the need to compare yourself to other athletes and the need to outdo yourself.

Existing solutions

A research of available tools and apps to boost motivation has shown us that mobile apps for sharing and comparing sport performances tend to be common solutions nowadays. We found that today’s apps often do not take into account other common factors – such as people’s tiredness from work, lack of time and consequent lack of motivation for sport.

Movetivator is a working solution

In the team, we looked at the problem differently. Our fully working Movetivator web app offers mainly short-term disciplines that everyone can find the time to do. For these, the user records their achievements, which they then see compared to their friends in a clear graph. The user can add friends based on a unique code. In this way, privacy is maintained, the user has full control over the sharing of their data.

Features of the App

We’ve also included the most modern features of modern apps, such as dark mode, the ability to download the app to the local memory of the computer as a web app, and logging in with a personal Google account. The software application has not remained only in the form of a proposal, but exists as a working solution, which can be found at:



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