A home parcel box that keeps your parcel safe until you arrive home. 


The most expensive part of parcel shipping is delivery by courier. This is often caused by the fact that the customer is not present at home. It also causes many problems for the customer, up to 28% have to stay at home at inconvenient times to receive the parcel.


We introduce BOXBAG. It’s a home parcel box that keeps your parcel safe until you get home. Each parcel has different dimensions and therefore conventional fixed size boxes are not effective. The BOXBAG is flexible, the parcels are stored in a durable bag (like a santa bag). For safety, the bag contains an active alarm so that it cannot be cut. It also includes an electronic lock.

BOXBAG solution in use, inserting a parcel into it

How does it work?

The bag is waiting for the courier folded so that it doesn’t take up much space. The courier puts the parcel in the BOXBAG and locks it. The user can unlock the BOXBAG with an RFID card or chip.


BOXBAG really works. We received a real shipment to BOXBAG. Afterwards we interviewed the courier and received a positive and inspiring feedback.


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