Last Friday, on September the 9th, we were invited to show the amazing FIRST LEGO League on the ITAPA EXPO 2022. Our team Hexadron has shown robots made from lego, as well as presented about the competition on the stage. 

From morning till sunset, we have been presenting LEGO robots to the general public. We have been sharing the space named “ROBOT ZOO” together with the Slovak FLL organizer FLL Slovensko and the team Tatranskí dravci. 

Youngest kids were amazed by playing with the remote controlled robots and the older ones were attracted by the engineering of our robot. Our oldest visitors were equally amazed by the teamwork abilities, which the competition gave us. 

In the first talk of the event, one of our team members Peter gave an inspiring speech about what the FIRST LEGO League is and how is it possible to travel around the globe with just LEGO. 

This event was very valuable for us, while we got an amazing opportunity to show our skills and knowledge to the general public. Such an amazing outreach event! 
Finally, please join us at the Europeans researchers night on September the 30. in Stará tržnica in Bratislava!