Energized Sink

Smart system that recycles water and energy from kitchen sink wastewater

Huge amounts of energy are required to heat water. In households, we only use the water once and then pour it down the drain, which is very inefficient. 

This issue has been overlooked so far.

Energized Sink is the solution for wasting water. The device is mounted under the kitchen sink and processes the captured water for further use. It uses an advanced filtration system for complete water purity. Together with the reheating unit, the system is fully controlled automatically.

"Harnessing heat from every drop"

Functional principle

The captured wastewater goes into a buffer tank. Then it passes through several layers of filters, reverse osmosis filter and uv filter. A water purity sensor checks the quality and the drinking water is heated by a heat pump. At last, the water is pumped into the main tank.

Benefits of Energized Sink

Payback within three years in a typical household

Savings up to 87% of energy and 79% of water 

High potential with global impact

Fully automatic and minimal maintenance


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