FLL Open European Championship 2024 Bodø, Norway

Our team Hexadron won the ROBOT PERFORMANCE AWARD at the Open European Championship! We repeatedly scored maximum amount of points in the robot game, proving the reliability and perfection of our robot. The competition lasted for four days during May 13 to 16 2024 in Bodø, Norway.


We used the first day of the competition to get to know the teams and to share our work in the Pit area booth. On the second day, we continued with meeting the teams and tested the robot on the practise tables. In the afternoon, we joined the team parade and opening ceremony in the Svømmehallen Scene.

On Wednesday morning during the judging session, we presented our innovation project SHOWEE, the design of our robot and how we apply the core values. We were selected as the very first team to present in front of all the judges. After the presentation, we moved to the Stormen library for the robot game, where we scored one great, and one perfect run! In the afternoon, we enjoyed the team party with live music performances – again at the Svømmehallen Scene.

On the last and fourth day of the competition we forgot the robot in our house. We quickly borrowed a bicycle and returned for it. Yet again we managed to score a perfect run! And after lunch we finished with the closing ceremony.

During the four days of competition, our team successfully managed to score perfect run two times. We narrowly missed to score all three runs perfectly, due to a shared mission. Our robot scores were: 530, 550, and 550 points.


After winning the Slovak championship, we could not wait to visit the beautiful Norwegian country. That’s why we visited the Lofoten Islands before the competition. We hiked to Reinebringen, Mannen, Kvalvika beach, visited Svolvær, Reine and Å. After the competition, we visited the Norwegian Aviation Musem in Bodø, joined the Constitution Day parade and went on a midnight hike (from 11pm till 2am).

Before arriving in Norway, we set a bet, that if we win an award, we will swim in the cold Norwegian sea. To fulfil our bet, we swam at the Kvalvika beach in Bodø – the water was just 5°C.


This achievement is remarkable for our team. We would like to thank the ones who made this journey possible. Big thanks to our coaches, mentors, former members, experts, our families, friends and many others.

We would especially like to thank ESET Foundation, FLL Slovakia and the companies Pinkyline, and Copex.

Thank you!


Team members: Dominik Bezák, Jakub Klabník, Matej Klabník, Matúš Martinka, Hana Siebertová
Mentors: Dušan Bezák, Marcel Klabník, Peter Siebert
Our support team: Pavol Bezák, Branislav Martinka, Zuzana Siebertová


Main image source: FIRST Scandinavia

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